Here at Wild we realise that our impact on wider society is about more than being green. We want to support communities all over the world.

In order to deliver this ambition, Wild take a two-pronged approach encompassing our social impact surrounding direct projects as well as our online Wild Voices campaign.

For all of our projects we seek to employ local labour and promote the use of apprenticeships within our supply chain to help boost the community in which the project is being delivered. In addition to this, we seek to try and manufacture items as a locally as appropriate in order to support local economies while also reducing the environmental impact of a campaign.


"Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me”. How wrong that old adage was!

In our modern interconnected world, the power of words has never been more obvious. Social media has allowed people to post more words to more people than ever before.


Thoughts, jokes, articles, photos, recipes, art and all the rest are scattered all over the internet in the hope of positive interaction – a like, a retweet, an upvote or kind remark.  


Sadly however, the same people using the internet to show off their creativity are often subjected to insults and cruelties. People using blogs, websites and social media to build their businesses or share their hobbies and passions can be bombarded by negative comments from complete strangers.  


I strongly believe words also have the power to make the world a better place. The idea of Wild Voices is to share more caring words, and to make online commentary more positive, constructive and thoughtful.

A few kind syllables, the odd compliment and a willingness to offer congratulations all combine to make a change. Big gestures may put a smile on peoples' faces, but it's the small things that touch their hearts"

John Bayly, Founder


Wild Voices is a simple initiative. We spread positivity across the internet in order to combat

the negative content in circulation.

Using a range of social media platforms we randomly find and comment on people's content with uplifting messages. Who doesn't like a random compliment or congratulations on something amazing they've just posted?

Essentially, we are working to better people's lives one positive word at a time.